Catalogue: ARCDA46
Format: CD and Digital Download
Release Date: October 2014
(p) 2014 Altar Records
© 2014 Androcell
Mastering by Colin Bennun
@ Stooodio Mastering, UK.
Artwork by Jack Shure


Release Notes:

Androcell reemerges yet again to bring his fourth studio album "Imbue" to the sensory surface. This latest work is a new journey of vivid sound imbued with peace, love, courage, strength, and healing for the human heart, conscious mind, and nervous system. Together, in alliance with Altar Records, this album is proudly presented as a limited-edition CD with all original cover artwork painted by artist Jack Shure and quality mastering by Colin Bennun at Stooodio Mastering, UK.

1. Smile On
2. Under The Sun
3. Trodding Valleys
4. Pushing Onward
5. Finding Our Bliss
6. Neuron Circus
7. Sacred Encounter
8. Root Of Pharmacology



Catalogue: CDREC-22
Format: CD and Digital Download
Release Date: December 2010
(p) + © 2010 Celestial Dragon Records
Mastering by Kevin Metcalfe

@ The Soundmasters, UK.
Artwork by Androcell

Release Notes:
Androcell finally returns with his third album "Entheomythic", delivering nine new sonic encounters of the third eye kind. An active downtempo journey through an inner realm of human emotions, forgotten energies, curious personae, ancient goddess power, nature wisdom, and higher circuit consciousness.


1. Endless Wonder
2. Mysterious Union
3. Desert Nomad
4. Ganja Baba
5. Night Sorceress
6. Synchromystic
7. Higher Circuit Experience
8. Full Sail
9. Dub Gardens



Catalogue: CDREC-03
Format: CD
Release Date: February 2006
(p) + © 2006 Celestial Dragon Records
Mastering by Simon Polinski
Artwork by Androcell


Release Notes:

With his second album "Efflorescence", musician and artist Tyler Smith aka Quasga presents eight standout tracks which navigate a psychedelic night-time landscape anchored in dub and integrate organic and electronic sounds. Warm melodies are diversified against a framework of intricate rhythms and arching harmonies. Unique spoken samples are incorporated seamlessly and used with clear intent. Interstitial atmospheric sounds provide for a continuous listening experience. The tracks are varied enough in tempo and mood to make the album playable in any chillout room.


1. Process of Unfolding
2. Neurosomatic Circuit
3. Atmos-Spheres
4. Spectral Processor
5. Natti Natti (Androcell Remix)
6. Efflorescence
7. Gnome Dosed
8. Dub Crickets



Catalogue: CDREC-01
Format: CD
Release Date: August 2004
(p) + © 2004 Celestial Dragon Records
Mastering by Yaniv Shulman
Artwork by Androcell


Release Notes:

When awareness rendezvous with emotion, here is where one finds the heart of Androcell. Tyler "Quasga" Smith (formerly of Prabhamandala) created Androcell as an aural habitat for all cognizant beings who experience the emotional palette of chilled, psychedelic wonder that awaits inside his music. The debut album "Emotivision" reveals the first downtempo offerings from the Androcell studio. Nine dub-enriched, sonic, soul stories for the universal traveller,these melodic tales tell of beautiful scenes and moody dreams. Featuring visionary album cover art in digipak design plus a bonus 8-page gallery booklet of select digital works all created by Quasga. Along with digital mastering by leading psybient/PsyDM artist, Yaniv Shulman, this album belongs in every serious chillers collection.

1. Purple Aura
2. Dub Crystals
3. Soul in the Machine
4. Molecular Sunrise
5. Plant Life
6. Hash Bazaar
7. Rapture of the Deep
8. Hindu Kush
9. Fungus Garden


Grumpy Robot EP

Catalog: Self-Released
Format: Digital Download
Release Date: August 2018
(p) + © 2018 Androcell
Mastering by Colin Bennun
@ Stooodio Mastering, UK.
Artwork by Tyler Smith


Release Notes:

Androcell "Grumpy Robot" EP.


1. Grumpy Robot
2. Blistering Transistors
3. Time Keeps Slipping


Creatures EP

Catalog: Self-Released
Format: Digital Download
Release Date: July 2016
(p) + © 2016 Androcell
Mastering by Colin Bennun
@ Stooodio Mastering, UK.
Artwork by Tyler Smith


Release Notes:

Androcell "Creatures" EP.


1. Slug Bending Space
2. Lion Breathing Fire
3. Flying Monkeys
4. Frog Pond
5. Purple Aura (remix)


Entheomythic Remixed EP

Catalog: Self-released
Format: Digital Download
Release Date: January 2013
Distributed by
(p) + © 2013 Androcell
Mastering by Kevin Metcalfe
@ The Soundmasters, UK.
Artwork by Androcell

Release Notes:
Remixes by Androcell of selected songs from his third album, "Entheomythic". Plus two new bonus tunes, "Dub Ripples" and "Gardens and Caverns".


1. Desert Nomad (remix)
2. Synchromystic (remix)
3. Mysterious Union (remix)
4. Dub Ripples
5. Endless Wonder (remix)
6. Dub Gardens (remix)
7. Gardens and Caverns

Further Unfolding EP

Catalog: Self-Released
Format: Digital Download
Release Date: December 2007
Distributed by
(p) + © 2006 Tyler Smith. All rights reserved.
Mastering by Androcell
Artwork by Androcell

Release Notes:

Androcell has imparted chillers around the world with two more beautiful tracks featuring his ethno-organic psychedelic dub sound. These two tracks were crafted after his second album Efflorescence released on Celestial Dragon Records.


1. All Is Full Of Dub
2. Bushido

Compilations and Remixes

Axios Records
Various Artists -
Ancient Sacred Knowledge

Release Date: 2018
(p) + © 2018 Axios Records

Format: CD / Digital Download
Compiled by B.E.N.
Mastered by Dennis Tapper
Artwork & Layout by Joe the Glow


Release Notes
After years of work and preparations, Axios Records is more than proud to announce and present it’s first of many releases to come!


1. Tengri - Ancient Knowledge
2. Avaris - Transmission
3. Atriohm - The Infinite Now
4. Master Margherita - Persia (Tengri Rmx)
5. Avaris - Coyote's Wisdom
6. Yudhisthira - Next Destination (Reincarnated)
7. Vedanta - Akashic Connection
8. Yudhisthira - Echoes Of The Ancients
9. Androcell - Sacred Knowledge



Gravitas Recordings
Various Artists
Aligning Minds -
My Heart Is Remixed

Format: Digital Download
Release Date: November 2013
(p) + © 2013 Gravitas Recordings


Release Notes
The prolific album "My Heart Is Love" from east coast duo Aligning Minds was one of the most downloaded releases of 2013 for Gravitas Recordings. Inspired by their successes and many travels since, Mike Folk and Dan Merrill have put together the new collaborative "My Heart Is Remixed" project. In addition to winners of the official remix contest, the album features many talented and prominent producers who share their re-imagined visions of the original nine songs. The diversity throughout runs strong, as so many unique styles from across the globe swirl together to create an entity simultaneous familiar yet distinct. Habitual genre restraints were shed here long ago, with thoughtful offerings ranging from deep and delicate downtempo all the way to bold and audacious dubstep. Even with such a colorful cast, each remix shares the unifying factors of atmosphere, harmony and ethereal bass presence, giving rise to the cohesive expedition that lies before each listener.


1. My Heart Is Love (Anvil Hands Remix)
2. Weeping Willow (Vano Remix)
3. A Noble Truth (Resonant Language Remix)
4. Folk Lore (Push/Pull Remix)
5. In The Wake of Forever (Androcell Remix)
6. My Heart Is Love (One Hand Clap Remix)
7. Weeping Willow (Ayrun Remix)
8. Ether Perfect (KiloWatts
'Total Blindness' Remix)
9. Oak Kalendar (Krusseldorf Remix)
10. Weeping Willow (ilmli Remix)
11. A Noble Truth (Shortmanb Remix)
12. My Heart Is Love (Psymbionic Remix)
13. In the Wake of Forever (Subaqueous Remix)
14. Weeping Willow (Kermode Remix)
15. A Noble Truth (Heavenly Father Remix)
16. Oak Kalendar (Erothyme Remix)


Black Swan Records
Various Artists
Desert Dwellers -
DownTemple Dub: Remixed

Catalogue: WS 0126
Format: CD / Digital Download
Release Date: April 2012
(p) + © 2012 Black Swan Records
Mastering by Gregor at Earresistible
Artwork by Michael Divine


Release Notes
DownTemple Dub: Remixed is the latest offering of otherworldly down-tempo and psy-chill grooves from the Desert Dwellers. On this release, sound alchemists from around the globe have provided their unique production skills to the DownTemple Dub project. These classic Desert Dwellers yoga dub tracks have been re-imagined by some of the most forward thinking producers in the ethno-electronic scene, resulting in a genre bending journey of sonic bliss - the perfect accompaniment to your movement meditation. Like sonic incense, these spellbinding soundscapes burn with a boldly modern sound reverberating with echoes of our tribal past and future.


1. Point of Awakening (Androcell Remix)
2. Crossing Beyond (Duke Mushrooom Remix)
3. More than Anything (Love and Light Remix)
4. Tala Odyssey (Drumspyder Remix)
5. Bodhi Mandala (Drumspyder Remix)
6. Dragon's Mist (Kaminanda Re-mist)
7. Lotus Heart (Kalya Scintilla Remix)
8. Pranafestation (Eccodek Remix)
9. Sukhavati (EarthRise SoundSystem Remix)
10. Yoga Dub Mystic (Eastern Sun Remix)
11. You Can See Forever (Aes Dana Remix)


Banco De Gaia -
Farewell Ferengistan:
Special Edition

Catalogue: DSCGCKDIG011
Format: CD / Digital Download
Release Date: July 2012
(p) + © 2012 Disco Gecko Recordings
Mastered by John Dent, Toby Marks
Artwork by Dave Whitehead

Release Notes:
Originally released in 2006, Farewell Ferengistan sees Banco De Gaia returning to the world of electronic beats with an album of delicate melodic ambience and pounding tribal grooves. It is a return to the form and thinking that made Last Train to Lhasa such a groundbreaking record.
Additional remixes from select artists have been included in this special edition re-release from Disco Gecko Recordings.


1. Farewell Ferengistan
2. Ynys Elen
3. Chingiz
4. Kara Kum
5. The Harmonius G8
6. Saturn Return
7. Flow My Dreams, The Android Wept
8. White Man's Burden
9. We All Know The Truth (You Have God)
10. Kara Kum
(Bombay Dub's Spaghetti Eastern Remix)
11. Farewell Ferengistan (Levente Remix)
12. Kara Kum (Andy Guthrie Remix)
13. Kara Kum (Radio Edit)
14. Kara Kum (Thehickstar Remix)
15. Ynys Elen (Androcell Remix)


Celestial Dragon
Vital Signs

Catalogue: CDREC-18
Format: CD
Release Date: February 2010
(p) + © 2009 Celestial Dragon Records
Concept and Mix by Androcell
Mastering by Huby Sea
and Vincent Villuis
Artwork by Androcell


Release Notes:

Vital Signs is a concept compilation comprised of tracks that were custom created for this project by renown artists such as Aes Dana, Asura, Solar Fields, Cell, Androcell, and Distant System. Each artist was carefully chosen and assigned a specific track title/theme to interpret the essence of their "vital sign" through the sonic medium. Title assignments were based according to each artist's individual music style. Together, like the modular structure of sub-systems in the body, the tracks function as an interconnected unit which depend on each other to complete the whole. Each "vital sign" serving as a reminder that these systems are operating and we are alive. Concept and mix by Androcell. Mastering by Huby Sea and Vincent Villuis @ Ultimae. Original artwork in digipak format by Quasga.


1. Androcell - Atmos-spheres (Human mix)
2. Androcell - Vital Signs
3. Cell - Body Temperature
4. Asura - Blood Pressure
5. Aes Dana - Pulse Rate
6. Distant System - Pupillary Response
7. Solar Fields - Respiratory Rate
8. Androcell - Neurosomatic Circuit (Brain Waves Mix)


Altar Records
Catalogue: ARCD02
Format: CD
Release Date: June 2009
(p) + © 2009 Altar Records
Mastering by DJ Zen

Artwork by DJ Zen


Release Notes

Dj Zen wishes you all a warm welcome into the aquatic world of his new compilation, "Water", available on Altar Records. Expect streams of psychedelic emotions flowing from your ears all the way into your veins. You will hear waterfalls, ocean sounds and rain and, of course, a lot of beats and melodies. The artists have created - especially for you and exclusively for this cd - natural and digital liquid ambiances based on their own visions of this element and its growing rarity.

1. Asura - Marianna Falls
2. Androcell - Seahorse Dreams
3. Chronos - Planetarium (Aquarius Edit)
4. Astropilot - Voda
5. Aes Dana - Cyan
6. Kanc Cover - Sugar Rush
7. Shakri - Lysergic Atmosphere
8. Zymosis - God Is Mine (DJ Zen extended remix)
9. RA - Creation Of Tefnet


Circuit Breaker Rewired

Catalogue: BFLCD82
Format: CD x 2
Release Date: September 2007
(p) + © 2007 Dragonfly Records
Mastering by Nigel & Kev
@ The Edit Suite

Release Notes:
Now with a brand new CD of remixes from the likes of Gaudi, Manasseh, Eat Static, Youth vs Subsonar, Mirror System and Shiloh this package will be released as a double cd including the original 2005 album.


CD 1
1. Tripswitch - Exiled (Gaudi rmx)
2. Tripswitch - Shamanic Tea (Manasseh rmx)
3. Tripswitch - Indigo (Androcell rmx)
4. Tripswitch - Roll Your Own (Youth, Subsonar rmx)
5. Tripswitch - Tachyon (Codemonkey's Cosmic Rumba rmx)
6. Tripswitch - Cartwheel (Mirror System rmx)
7. Tripswitch - Silver (Shiloh's Futureprog rmx)
8. Tripswitch - Tomahana (Kuba rmx)
9. Tripswitch - Viscous (Eat Static's Jumbled Noise rmx)
10.Tripswitch - Deer Park (Digitallis's Back In The Day rmx)


Celestial Dragon
Intermittent Memories

Catalogue: CDREC-08
Format: CD
Release Date: March 2007
(p) + © 2006 Celestial Dragon Records
Compiled By Pete Pan
Mastering by Simon Polinski
Artwork by Androcell


Release Notes:

Intermittent Memories are the short snapshots of alternate realities that our brains transmit to us in flashes, in our everyday waking lives. Pete Pan has hand selected a group of Mayanasa transmissions from some of the earth's top space pilots and also some newcomer pilots of the space scene. These tracks are meant to be used for instant re-entrance into your 'now' from any part of space; they are also encoded as a set for ease of travel, both in take off and reentry.


1. Ishq - Sundive
2. Papa Legba - Night Surf
3. val(Liam) - Almost Eden
4. Androcell - Opium Swirl
5. Open System - Atlantis
6. Bodhisattva 13:20 - Relearned
7. Solar Fields - Air Song (Androcell remix)
8. Bodhisattva 13:20 - Renewal Chant
9. val(Liam) - Perfectly Rational

  Celestial Dragon
Portal of Perceptions

Catalogue: CDREC-02
Format: CD
Release Date: May 2005
(p) + © 2005 Celestial Dragon Records
Compiled By Pete Pan and Wabi
Mastering by Huby Sea
and Vincent Villuis
Artwork by Androcell

Release Notes:

At night, in deep sleep, random dreams of various emotion and content weave together into a collective experience that often connects to a higher world. The mind's eye perceives the gateway to the infinite unconscious realm where these mysterious midnight encounters unfold. Celestial Dragon has reached through this 'portal of perceptions' bringing back an assorted mind full of musical dreams by some of the worlds leading chillout artists. Featuring new tracks by Ishq, Makyo, Adam Shaikh, Aes Dana, Androcell, Cell, and H.U.V.A. Network/Solar Fields.


1. Ishq - Aphrodite
2. Makyo - Jasmine
3. Adham Shaikh - Ohm (Transfix Mix)
4. Aes Dana - Haze (Celestial Mix)
5. Androcell - Caribbeyond
6. Cell - Twisted Sun
7. Androcell - Fungus Garden (Acoustic Mix)
8. H.U.V.A. Network - Rain Geometries (Solar Fields Remix)
9. Ishq - El Morya

  Lobogistic Labs
Gnostic Traveller

Catalogue: LOB0001
Format: CD
Release Date: October 2004
(p) + © 2004 Lobogistic Labs
Compiled By Pete Pan
Mastering by Huby Sea
and Vincent Villuis


Release Notes:

Seminal, super chilled vibes selected by Lobogistic Labs owner, Pete Pan. High quality artist Ishq opens with a smooth subliminal ride into ambient heaven. This is followed by Papa Leggba, recounting ambient tales with lush sounds dripping from liquid speakers. Blessed, lowtempo and fluid. Cell continues the ambient feel. After this track there is no coming back. Solar fields follows with a remix of his track originally released on Ultimae, the classic french chill label. Ishq come again with Ankh. Androcell rises and falls like the sleeping breath of the one you love in the shadow of the pyramids. Omar Faruk Tekilik continues the theme with a wonderful downtempo track. The whole piece is nicely rounded off by the master of the genre, bluetech. This really is a big hitter of an ambient release - seriously chilled, seriously well produced.


1. Ishq - Happiness
2. Papa Legba - Namek Coastline
3. Cell - Blue Embers
4. Solar Fields - Magic Eye (remix)
5. Foray Feat. Papa Legba - Between Actions
6. Ishq - Ankh
7. Androcell - Purple Aura
8. Omar Faruk Tekbilek and Steve Shehan - Laundry Girl (Makyo remix)
9. Bluetech - Oleander


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